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How to Choose the Right Janitorial Service
8 months ago

A janitorial service, maid, porter, janitor or technician is someone who cleans buildings like hospitals, schools, housing and residential care facilities. The majority of janitorial services employ persons with a variety of backgrounds and skills. Janitors often earn an hourly wage of about $15 an hour. They are usually responsible for cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms and providing general maintenance. Click to see page for more details.


Most janitorial services include physical or mechanical cleaning duties as well as general maintenance duties. Physical cleaning includes removing the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming. Mechanical cleaning includes removing the trash, changing light bulbs, cleaning sinks, cleaning grout and sweeping. General maintenance services include removing snow from sidewalks, sanitizing restrooms, removing leaves from the roofs and repairing leaky pipes. Some janitorial services provide specialty services, such as window cleaning. Some janitorial services provide customer satisfaction survey as part of their service.


Every janitorial services ensure that their personnel are well-trained in safety and sanitation, and that their facilities are kept in good condition at all times. Janitorial services are licensed by the local government to carry out these specific responsibilities. All employees are expected to follow safety procedures and guidelines, including wearing the appropriate protective clothing. All janitorial services are expected to keep their facilities clean, dry, and free of debris and clutter. Janitorial services are held to higher standards than most businesses.


All janitorial service companies are expected to take care of their commercial cleaning responsibilities on a regular basis. If they don't, they can lose their certification. To prevent this situation, each janitorial service company is required to submit to an annual certification examination. This examination will test how the company cleans and takes care of its facilities. Successful applicants will be awarded their license to operate a janitorial service.

The majority of cleaning companies offer several professional cleaning services to customers. These different types of services range in price and intensity. Small office cleaning tasks are usually done on a weekly basis. Larger office cleaning tasks may be done more frequently, depending on the size of the facility. Professional janitorial services perform a variety of tasks for industrial, commercial, office, retail and public facilities. They can provide office cleaning, residential cleaning, laboratory cleaning, bakery cleaning, pest control and window cleaning.


Many janitorial service companies specialize in commercial and office cleaning. If you're interested in hiring such a company, always check their references, reputation and licensing status. This will help you make the right decision when hiring a maintenance service provider that provides professional cleaning services. Another important consideration is the rate quote. Always ask the provider to provide a quote based on the scope of the work. You should also consider the level of equipment and technology used by the company. Go to  www.squarefeat.com for more.


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